Founded by Murat Öztürk in 2007 and since its establishment, Artım Construction Project Real Estate Consultancy and Trade Limited Company has always worked with expert staff, focused on solutions and moved efficiently in every project actualized with a perfectionist approach, With services aimed at raising the quality of life, it contributes to humanity, the environment and the general texture of centers of life and to the country.

Our experience in the sector over the years, due to the diversity of our business line and the discernment we show in the selection of our suppliers and business partners, ensures that we will be able to meet customers' expectations most efficiently.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Construction and sale of all types of construction contracts,
  • Construction on flat for land basis on land parcels we purchase,
  • Construction contracts and assembly work for all types of official and private sectors, both domestic and abroad,
  • Independent housing, business centers, factories, roads, dams and ponds, parks and garden plans,
  • Construction and leasing of tourist facilities and holiday villages,
  • Turn-key delivery of all types of construction work tendered by official and private organizations via sealed tender, auction, by tender, closed bidding and negotiated tendering,
  • Construction and assembly work of concrete, wooden and metal bridges, upper and lower passages,  
  • Establishment of pool construction and treatment facilities.